Question about nutrient readings?

Ok sir let’s see if I’m reading this correct
I’m in flower so should be in the color yellow
Currently I’m running about 76*F and 50% H
That gives me a cod of 1.43 correct?
Which is ok for flower stage I’m in?

Well if you are using the 75.2 scale and 50%RH, you would have a 1.49 and if using the 77F scale, you have 1.59. Either way, all that matters is that you are in your range for flower at that Temp/RH combination. leave the RH the same and move up/down on the temp. scale and you can see when you leave your golden range.

Sounds good
Thank you
Very much appreciated @jetlag @ash93

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My pleasure, we are all learning here. I haven’t paid much attention to the charts, not as easy to keep up with or control in a greenhouse. Right now it is 69F and 59% Rh for my GSCE girls in full bloom, so a bit moist. I do have a dehumidifier running full time, and my last piece of “resistance”, a nice big fan blowing on them. My very first grow I had an early attack of Bud rot, not pretty. it was in the middle of summer, hot and about a week of rain. Humidity was in the 90% range and I didn’t know enough to see what could happens, and it happens very fast. You can counteract a whole bunch of “oh shit” with a nice fan blowing on them. Keeps the fungus spores from taking hold.

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How about adding another dehumidifier or maybe one with more outputwould that help you out?

It is actually a very nice Honeywell unit, runs continuously without needing to be drained. The greenhouse is pretty good size and lots of leaks, but with it and the fan I feel good about keeping the rot away

You know as long as the job gets done that’s all that matters at the end of the day haha

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I watered yesterday I have 4 plants look pretty good and the other 4 were the runts but still went with so are not doing as good as the other 4 but anyway I watered with nutrients 6.0 ph and 620/ppm going in
In the 4 good plants 6.7 ph and 1600-1700/ppm out the 4 not so good and showing deficiencies
6.0 ph with nutrients and 620/ppm going in
6.7 PH 1020-1300/ppm…
I have never checked my ppm run off or ph runoff,with all the reading I have done hear in the past week it sounds like something you should do every water to see what your plant is telling you
So do you think I should flush?
Or just keep doing what I’m doing?
I’m using the GH flora trio series with calmag
And using Royal gold kings mix soil

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Btw I’m in end of week 5 of flower

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I hate to say it but I don’t know there. From what I see here a lot. A lot of the soils seems to come hot. So I am not sure where that would leave you run off wise. With coco. I start with a nutral base. @Myfriendis410 any thoughts for him. You have used the GH too

Here’s another vpd chart that is a little easier to read, especially if you’re colorblind.

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In soil at 5 weeks in flower I would want my runoff to be around 2,000 ppm. It sounds like, based on runoff numbers that you could bump the feed up some: 900 to 1,000 ppm with the GH base 3 and cal mag/silica. PH to a bit higher at 6.3 to 6.5.

Right on thank you much
What ppm should I be feeding from here on as far as weeks6,7,8,9?

If you continue to monitor runoff you will actually see salt levels rise in the runoff later in flower: this is an indicator that you should start tapering off nutes ahead of harvest. PH should start to drop too and then it’s a matter of looking at the plant to see when to stop lowering nutrient load.

Ok thanks for advice
Very much appreciated
I going to feed them 2,000/ppm from here on out

That’s too high. Just maintain based on 2,000 ppm runoff. I would not ever feed higher than about 1,100 ppm.

Oh shoot ok cool

I just found out about auto pots about a week ago and sounds like something I would like to use
Can you explain how they work?
I see you feed from the bottom which I have never heard either
Does it work pretty much like top feed other than just feeding for the bottom?
Thank you

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