Question about my pH level

I got my pH level at 6.5 and I check it a few days later and it changes. Is it possible for it to rise back up. I put in gallon jugs and leave set for a few days. RDG1951


you don’t have to post a new topic if you have a question. You can just post on your grow journal and someone will answer!

But since we are here. Good morning. Hope all is well!

So I draw my tap water and let it sit in open gallon jugs for at least 48 hours to allow the chlorine to evaporate.

Right when I’m gonna use it, then I pH the water. Another thing is if you are adding nutrients, you don’t pH your water until after you have added the nutrients to it.

How’s that?

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Are you usind soil or hydro ?

If soil what kind?


Hi Will it’s called Majestic Earth and is some very good soil. Bob

Ok that good but what’s the nutrient iin it npk


Hope this helps