Question about my flowers

Question from a fellow grower:

i got some northern light fem seeds from you and all went well but this
i dont even think its a big problem so here it is , all 5 seeds
sprouted at the same time , went into the grow tent at the same time .
All have used the same water with a ph of 6.2 - 6.4 and all the same
nuits . even the same feeding times. but now at day 28 into flower on
one of my plants the pistils are turning colors and the trichomes are
milky white . its like the plant skipped weeks 5 and 6 on the grow
schedule. I just started the bloom feedings . the buds are not real fat
but they are kinda dense . it is looking like i will be harvesting this
plant in a week or less . What do you think could have happened ? oh and
I’m using roots organics soil and Buddah grow and Buddah bloom . 600w
HPS . and the other four plants are growing according to schedule . this
is only my second grow do thing like this happen a lot ? hmmm. a 37 day
flower time could be a good thing lol

Odds are your 1 auto tripped faster do to stress and started flower way earlier a hot spot in it’s soil or an un noticed broken limb perhaps auto’s are pretty sensitive so could’ve been any number of things.

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Thanks but they are not autos just female seeds . Unless a auto got in the mix . I never had any autos . This is just my second grow . I think your right about stress I had a ph problem in the first week of veg . But none of the others are doing this . I don’t know . I’m going to play it by ear . I love this hobby . I just need a shit load of bag seeds to play with I guess lol instead of the quality seed that I get from Robert . :grinning:

Stick with quality genetics. If you live in America, pretty much all your “bag” seeds will be sativa, which will outgrow any indoor setup that you have. And with quality genetics, you have insight on what you are growing.

Don’t panic , I tell everyone as I was told by the science officer himself , most genetic strains are most hybrid from breeding and crossing different strains to make better genetics , but it’s no different than than any other breeding , for example sometimes a child born don’t look like the mother or father but maybe like a great grand father or a cousin or aunt , but nothing like mom or dad , well they same thing happens in breeding plants . I have an auto blueberry that did not perform as an auto , and still in flower which should have finished December 7 like the Auto Amnesia haze auto did , when they both had the same growth time in days from seed to harvest . But as you grow you will learn , no 2 plants will ever respond exactly the same , it’s like they have they own characteristics. Also sometimes what you don’t see above the soil is an indication that something could be happening underneath The soil . I’ll keep an eye on the Lone Ranger and listen to what it wants .

I’m doing as you said just listening to her . She was stressed out and hungry so I gave her extra tlc and she seems happy now. But I still might have to harvest before the rest but that’s ok . She will tell me when she’s ready . I check her a couple times a day . Thanks for the advise . I sure do appreciate it . :grinning:

Ya you most likely will…as Yoshi said…genetics and I have spoken about this in an earlier thread no two plants will be the real close, real close but all of a sudden one plant mite show signs of over feeding while the others do fine.
A couple will slow in growth and the others won’t.
I had 18 White Widow clones and had 5 different feeding Schedules. Schedule s I mean five different mixtures at diffetent times.
Talk about keeping track of things. But thats what I’m saying each plant has its own characteristics.
Your plant will be fine.
I hope this makes sence.


Up date : I harvested this lady a few days after Christmas . She was ready and other then the things I submitted . This lady smokes beautifully . She has put the wife and I in a coma everyday. Thanks for all the help people . I love this hobby lol :grinning:


There is no better reward than to grow your own plant through out the process and finally harvest the plant , dry it right , and cured it properly , to that signature smell of dome really loud , strong , sweet , purgent smell , than grab one to fill a bowl , don’t smoke papers or Rellos , so fill up a bowl and light it for that first drag , and get that smooth , tasty , sweet inhaled smoke , swallow it and exhaled into a real hard excessive cough , and be buzzed and stoned in about 3 minutes , and the euphoria of the high coming on is super excited , and stoned Happy , like hell yeah I grew that and it’s really some great smoke …wow ! …5 minutes ; …look at it , than smell it again ? …Wow ; smoke another bowl !!!


Dam dude got got me all worked up…where I had to fill my bowl…lol



I’m glad it worked out for ya and it was my pleasure to help in anyway and I’m sure that anyone else that had any input feels the same.

B Safe

You too huh Garrigan62 , I harvested just a few lower buds on the blueberry and compared to the haze , it’s a more mellow smooth smoke verses the Annesia Haze smoke , and even mixing the two together is like that mouf 'd watering taste like you been trying to find for the last 15 years , but now it’s like right there in a mason jar getting more better each day it cures , and I’m like if it’s this good now , in a month curing it’s gone really be some awesomeness . So I have a quart full of haze , and almost done with blueberry , and ready to do a scrog of some grand daddy Purp while I have cold temps to help it change . But yes that released and a cough , and that sudden head high hits like a ton of bricks .

Thats great that your grow turned out to be so good Yosh,i I’m really happy for ya buddy.


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Well the haze as you know I’ve spoke on early in the thread when it finished , and for 8 weeks of an auto , it was really fun , and way cool growing an auto , but the blueberry has yet to finish my brother . On calendar , I still have 2 more feeding , but the trichomes has many Amber ones closer to the top buds , verses the bottom set is very sticky and crystallized , but I’m still seeing new growth of pistils each day , even from the top that was being light burned early on in flower , so I’m not sure yet on when it finishes . But I’ll post it when it does because the thread was on both .