Question about molasses

Question from a fellow grower:

my question is about molasses…when and how much should I use? And do I
use it when it’s time to flush…? How I can I add flavor, how is it

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The short answer is none and never, at least in my opinion, but…

This question always seems to come up. We actually had it very recently. Here is a link that will explain in more detail and might have other links to where we discussed this in a lot of detail.

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I remember that tread. And I also never recommend nor have i ever used it.


Is defoilating a plant in flower a good way to getter better light penetration to my BUSHY plant, I have run out of room

Personally, I have used Molasses for a few grows and did a test with 3 plants that I didn’t use it on. All the same strain. The problem is salt build up…so use only a small amount weekly.

I use only a teaspoon per gallon once a week during my feed until the final two weeks of which I add a tablespoon to every watering. Never a problem and I notice a better taste with the Molasses and fatter buds. My friends can tall the difference too. Why pay big money on bloom boosters when it is all just molasses?

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A plant can digest the sugar molecule in molasses and it does not make your buds taste any difference or fatter , the only benefit to adding molasses is giving your roots enough iron and calcium to keep from getting Calmag deficiency , so molasses can be utilized in the place of cal mag that’s all , no other benefits whatsoever , but the staff has explain this analogy in several thread already , I doubt MacG or Latewood would chime in cause of this question being asked and answer several times but molasses only adds iron and calcium in place of Calmag , only used .5 ml in a 3 gallon or smaller are 1 full ml in a 5 gallon are bigger hope this helps !!!

Yes,the molecule is too large and will also destroy nutrient uptake by putting an “iron shield” of sorts over the roots.

If you are looking for a sweetner, I suggest Yucca or a product line I used called Nectar for the Gods from Oregon USA. It is comprised of calcium Phosphate, NOT the salty nitrate stuff. They have a product called Aphroditye’s Extraction. It has both glucose and sucrose which makes for a nice feast. I love it for more reasons than one. Your soil should have all the mag it needs. Sadly, when Calcium Nitrate is introduced, it blocks the uptake from the soil in that form from what I understand.

I got the impression from what I read that the molasses isn’t for the plant, it’s food for the beneficial bacteria in the soil which in turn help the plant.

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You are absolutely correct.

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I use it. I did use big candy. Grandma’s un-Sulfur kind. It work ok. I also use B-52 and Nirvana with it also. The molasses really feeds the soil. What I have read is that helps microbes in the soil then the roots feed off the microbes.