Question about mixing percentages

Hello everyone, one of my plants is in a what I call my ghetto soil mix. It was crazy high ppm and had to flush the other day. It’s always been slightly more yellowish green than dark green like the other 2 in oceans farms and happy frog. That said I was going to add nutes tomorrow and I’m using Jack’s 321. The instructions are for 1 gallon of water. My girls are drinking about 1 liter. Do I simply mix the normal dose into 1 gallon and use whatever it needs or do I calculate what 1liter worth of nutes would be and do it that way?
Also here’s a photo of the plant. It is doing amazing besides being not same color as others and it was at 4500ppm before I flushedthe other day and it was down to 500ish. I posted a photo of all 3 so you can see difference. All are blue dream autos 22 days from popping out of soil. The one in question is the one I’m not training just leaving alone and letting grow.

If you’re not seeing problems no need to flush. Just water only until the ppms come down. Jacks is gentle and it has never burned any of my plants.

Jacks also holds ph well and can be stored for several days. Mix a gallon and use what you need. Use the rest when they dry out.


Yea the light green one was in a weird mix I made that was crazy high on ppms lol it was starting to burn the tips on it so I flushed. It’s doing good now with new growth just light green and since I flushed I figured I would start the Jack’s on that one since my other 2 still have a week or so before I start.

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Also thanks for that I’ll mix up a gallon of it :slight_smile: