Question about light distance

I just got the HLG 300 B
I’m wondering about the height I should be at.
The specs say between 24"-32". That seems so far away.
I just moved from a T5 4x4. So I’m use to being right on top of them.

I’m @ 20" now

It’d be useful to know how full your canopy is, and what stage your plants are at.

Three weeks yesterday.

Light is @ 24" now.

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At that stage i would start far and move closer if i see too much stretch.

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Thank you. Guess it’s better for a bit of stretch ,rather than scorching em

Plants look great ! 24 inchs for the small plants will be fine.

Just gotta burn those tires bro , start it high all the way down , press the gas from there get it to a 100 miles then just adjust the height , once you start burning , get back to the gear you where before it got too hot . Randy_Marsh.

Thank you guys. I’m just trying not to kill Kenny

2nd day under new light.
I haven’t smoked em yet.

One more question. Is that yellowing normal?