Question about light cycles

Okay so I have a quick question in regards to light cycles and adjusting the cycle to start at a different time. So I currently am running an 18/6 light cycle for my Northern Lights Auto’s and the light time is from 12 AM to 6 PM and so on. I live in AZ and the temp here has been getting warmer so my tent gets rather warm around mid day. My question is, can I change my light cycle from its current 12AM-6PM lights on 6PM-12AM lights off, to maybe a 4PM-10AM Lights on to 10AM-4PM schedule? I’m assuming any change to light schedule is rather big and can result in issues, but I just wanted to see if anyone has had any such luck.


In veg you can change the times as you have described with not problem.


And if you are in doubt just make changes to the schedule so that they come out of darkness to the new schedule. This is a pretty common practice. Electricity costs are often lower too.


Best trick I’ve found for controlling temp is to run 6/2, 6/2, 6/2. I was having a problem with temps popping too high into the 80s. Now I stay in the high 70s. My autos love it.


Yep, I run 6/2 for this reason as well


Not really in veg. You can leave light on all the time if you wanted. If flowering i would just extend the dark period to get to where you need to.

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