Question about leds

Questions about leds

Wow this is all new since last time I was in here. drbn32 missed you! I’ve got a 4 x 6 10 Brad Pitt for plants in old-school I use HDS and MH bulbs partially because I can’t pull more than 400 A. A friend of mine told me they found an LED system which they have a 2 x 4 tent they only got 4 ounces out of it from two plants but I was wanting to know if anything new has come out in LEDs that I could bring out the best in 400. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys talk to you soon

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Are you asking for a recommendation for lights for a 4x6 space costing $400 or less?

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Lights have come along way they are more powerful and better spectrum for growing they use better leds and better drivers and they run more efficiently making it cheaper to run .i got ten ounces off one auto flower and thats using led lights


I have some good lights, but i thought they were great lights. You really want to look at the lights PAR map. The total number while important with most lights will be enough at 1300 or so for flower. What you want, and whats hard to find is even distribution. If the light is 1300 center, but at 4’ it hits 600 then you wont have even canopy.

Some really wxpensive lights fail here, some cheaper lights do better here. You can always raise/lower/ or dim them, so distance itsnt so important as distribution.

I have 6 Spider Farmer SF 4000, but these are actually better. It says 5’ flower, but the PAR map says 4’ if you want all tops within 100-200 PAR of one another

sylstar-lighting 630 watt bar light with Samsung diodes

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@dbrn32 i think your guidance is requested.

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I agree with your assertion regarding even PPFD distribution. That is one of the benefits of large bar style light versus board lights. Your SF 4000 is a board type light and a very different animal than one using bars.
Regarding the Quickstar 6000 - please note is uses 283B+ diodes. This the summary from Samsung’s 283B+ Tech Spec page.

The comparable information for Samsung’s 301B diodes

Would you rather have a light the produces 220 lumens per watt or one that produces 133 lumens per watt?

I also question how a light that is that less efficient can say it has high energy efficiency of 2.8 umol/J
While the SF4000 with Samsung LM301B diodes, obtains high Energy Efficiency with 2.7 umol/J.
Something does not calculate and not being forthright.
As I see it FWIW

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Not a lot of led fixtures right at 400 watts, a couple i would look at are horticulture lighting group hlg-350r or chilled tech x6 mini.