Question about LED

Question from a fellow grower:

My question is this, I have a Secret Jardin Lodge 90 that is 3x2x4.5 as I
am using it as one unit instead of a split and it’s for veg only at
this time. I have a 4 - 24" T5 fixture currently running 3 6500k & 1
2700k bulb. My question is this, if I decide to do LED in the veg tent,
what would be your recommendation of both brand and size. I am afraid
of the led burns that i hear about with led lighting being too close to
the canopy. I like the Mars Reflective for the price but the say keep it
24 to 30 inches from the canopy and after pot, stem and the light
thickness plus the space required in between, what kind of growth will I
really get? My friend says that what I have now along with a couple of
6500k cfl’s should do the job in that tent for veg. Opinion and thanks
in advance, I enjoy reading and watching some of your trials. :

In my opinion , it’s all a matter of choice and budget , there are quite a few out there on the market . Have you look into an Apache tech AT600 or AT200 , Advance Led , Kind , Black Dog , Solar Sun , Spectra King , and you can also build your own with some engineering and the right parts for much less that will out perform most brands that’s really expensive . Buts it depends on you , but research , compare , research , decisions , decisions , decisions