Question about LED Spider Farm SF1000/ light, fluffy buds

From a fellow grower: I now have a LED Spider Farm SF1000 2022 upgrade light source.
My last light source was a Sanso 36w full spectrum LED grow light.
I’m concerned my new SF1000 will leave my plants “stretching” again. I also think I “wind burned” my last scraggly crop.
Is the new light an ok, or decent light?
I’m very new…1 plant crop took 9mths & less than 1/4 of oz.
I have a grow tent, nutrients, distilled water, froggy fox farms soil, fabric bags. I only used 1/4th tsp nutrients to a gallon of water, 2 times a week…PH was steady 7, RH stayed relevant to growth periods per stages of strain grown.
Came out real light & fluffy. No ammonia, no harshness. I did flush for 12dys, cut, hung, wet trim, dried & cured. Real light & fluffy. Like cotton candy.

More than likely due to inadequate lighting. The SF1000 is better and should be adequate to flower a small plant in a small space. Cannabis likes light and a lot of it. The light’s PPFD maps tell the story.

Once you move more than 12" from the center the light’s PPFD drops off significantly. You want PPFD to be around 700 or more during a 12 hour period to produce decent buds. If an auto using 18 hours the PPFD can be lower.


Get that ph to 6.5. 7 is too high. Good luck.Have a blast

For the price point I’d suggest your friend send that SF light back and get an HLG Patriot 150. Definitely worth the extra $20. More light = less larf.

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Agreed…better results with a patriot for sure. Especially since hlg has 25% sale

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Two SF1000’S currently in my 2x4 tent for my first grow appear to be working fine with my flowering BB (right) and GSC (center) autos. Had some light burn on the middle plant.
No complaints from the SF1000 lights but I am upgrading to a single HLG350R next week.

These photos are from day 55 from seed sprout btw. GG on the left lagging at 45 days just starting preflower.