Question about Leaf discoloration

Hello everyone hope you’re doing well. I have a question about my leaves turning colors. Not sure the strain. It’s in soil. PH in 6.5 ish. Fox Farm trio.( not real happy with it) (I’d like to try a Jack’s 321 next.) PPM going in last was about a 1000. It’s under a 1000 W spider farmer LED. Just got the new light in about a week and a half ago. Think I might have lowered it to low? It’s sitting about 10 to 12 in from top of canopy.! It is 12 days into flower. I do appreciate everybody’s time and feedback. I do appreciate it. Happy growing :slight_smile:20201214_172144|375x500

Plants will feed off fan leaves to help with flower production. Looks natural, maybe boost pk a bit. Try open sesame by fox farm. They have a 3 pack booster on amazon which comes with

Open sesame , beastie buds and cha Ching.

Use these in addition to watering/feedings for a bit of help.

Open sesame first two weeks of flower
Beast if buds weeks 3-6
Cha Ching for last week or two until flush


Unfortunately I can’t afford any extras on my little project. Not at the moment. While I am using foxfarm I would love to try them. Just can’t do it right now. Would like to run through my fox farm and go to Jack’s. I didn’t know they feed off of fan leaves so early in flowering. I thought it was only towards the end.

here’s another pic

There is insufficient cal-mag in the fox farms trio so I would consider adding that to your watering routine.

Another suggestion is to flush if you’ve fed your plants for 3 or more weeks, salts build up rather quickly with Fox Farms products and can interfere with uptake of nutrients. Fox Farms Sledgehammer makes flushing easy and requires little water, or you can go the water route but that may mess with pH and wash all the nutrients out of the soil along with the salts.

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I’ve been adding Cal Mag for the last month-and-a-half. I flush every three feedings. I also try to make sure there’s a little run off every time I water or feed. Light feeding every time. PH a week and a half ago and it was 6.5 ish

Sounds like you have it covered. If you were in the last few weeks of flowering I’d think you were bringing our some color in the strain, but obviously that not the case.

Is the discoloration at the top or all the way through the canopy? If just at the top might be showing need to raise the light up a little higher.

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That’s what I was thinking it was the light. But the very top new growth isn’t really discoloring. Maybe a little bit. It’s 2in down to about mid canopy. Plant is about 2 ft tall.