Question about Kind Soil

I am currently using the FF soils and love them. I have been reading up on Kind Soil. Definitely peaking my interests as an organic (mostly) guy. Has anyone ever mixed Kind with FF? Have you noticed a difference? Is it worth it? What the deal with Kind soil? :slight_smile: thank you friends

I’m using kind soil topped with ocean forest. So far so good. Ran across a calcium deficiency due to using distilled (even though they say distilled water is good to use). Switching to ph’d tap water. This is where she stands today. Probably a few weeks to fill out the scrog and she’ll be flipped.


Nice. Ladies look great.

Good to know, I’ll probably get some for when I up pot right before flower. So you just layer the bottom of the pot with a few inches of it?

1lb kind soil per gallon pot. So 5lbs for 5 gallon pot.


Nice appreciate the info.

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Just pay attention to the bottom right text in this photo. Each pot size has a max veg time. If you go longer you will run out of nutrients before they finish.


Wow now photo. I gotta get this stuff.

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i wouldn’t mix- that’s not how this soil works. it’s really hot so you want your plant to dive down into it when it’s ready.

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This seems a bit cheaper anyone use it?

I have used both. And i like both of them. My last grow was with kindsoil and now im trying natures living soil autoflower.

All mixed with ffof.
I now have a huge tote of soil that i reuse.:smiley:

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That’s actually more expensive than the kind

It’s cheaper but kind says 1lb per gallon. Looks like nature’s living soil says 1lb every 5 gallons. Kind says basically to bottom feed, nature’s living you pour, mix with whatever soil you’re using, then add another layer of your medium on top of that, unmixed. Unless I’m seeing it wrong.

@SeenDog You mixed all 3? Instead of bottom feeding?

When im done with a harvest, yes. Living soil is something im experimenting with.

Cool yeah super/living soil is great. I’m using all 3 FF soils 1/3 each. When I transplant to 7gal pre flower I think I’ll add some of the nature’s living , looks like good shit.

Ah yes, I see that now. Missed that part

Ive grown both ways 1 with kindsoil on the bottom and 2nd with kindsoil mixd in. Each time i mixd them with ffof. Both had good outcomes

Ive read good things about “coast of maine” stonington blend… I think ima try it next

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I’m using roots organic. With great success. No issues and amazing results.

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I’m pretty new to growing, haven’t made it to roots organic yet haha. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. Gonna do a bit of reading when I get home.

finding info on any of this stuff is super frustrating. there are like 10 kinds of roots organics and i think i’ve yet to find a single place where all are explained and i got so lost i stopped reading. i finally bit the bullet because my hydro store was out of everything else and they swore by it (of course they did, though right?) i think the roots original is what most people use. i don’t think it’s as hot as FFOF so your seedlings will be fine, but it’s hotter than happy frog and coco loco and probably can mostly get you to flower. it’s coco coir with aged forest products in it. i’m using it for the first time right now and it’s working out fine for me, but i’m still pretty early in my grow. i’m using it half on top of Kind and then a few others 100% with dry amendments mixed in.

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