Question About Hps light in my 4x4x6

So I have as it says in the topic a 4x4x6 tent. I have a 4 inch fan with carbon filter venting out the top of the tent. The actual vortex style fan unit is outside the tent. I have a vivosun 400watt shps light on at the 400watt power level. my temps are around 30 degrees at my seedlings canopy level. Other than getting an even larger fan what could I do to lower the temp. Does it even need to be at the 400 wattage right now or will a lower level suffice until they have a better canopy?

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My humidity is usually around 40% now I know seedlings like it lower temp and more humid. Can I mist inside the tent say above the light? I know I cant get water on the bulb itself or it can shatter. My light is not an enclosed model it’s just a open baffold design.

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Put clear domes over the seedlings, something like the bottom of water bottles and mist the bottle. No you don’t need it at 400 yet but that light is too small. You want either a 600 watt mh/hps or I highly recommend the 630 cmh in 3100k. Or if you can afford it, get 4200k for vegg and other for flower. You can remove the ballast from the fixture. That’s what I did. The ballast get hot. And upgrade to a 6 or 8 inch extraction fan

I should have been a little clearer on the plants I was growing in my tent. I have 3 autoflowers in there. I’m not planning a scrog with this grow. More a test run. I’m not planning on taking up the entire 4x4 ground space but I do have a cheap amazon blurple special rated 1000watt I could use along with the shps light. I thought the hps was better for flower than the mh bulbs was I wrong? Should I change my bulb to the other one that the light came with? This is the light I ordered.

And this would be the amazon special blurple

You wanna run cool tubes with hps. Plain and simple

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@HornHead until I get more cash flow do you think I can use the led light along with the hps ti give me what i need for lighting in the 4x4x6. I cant afford another light right now.

Yeah, and unless you have a metal halide bulb too, I’d use just the led for vegg the first couple weeks

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the light I ordered came with both a mh and a shps. Is the mh better for veg?