Question about how far my light should be


Hi, I am on my 2nd grow, last time I grew 5 autos with a 1600 watt led (650-680 actual), this grow I have five regular plants and am about to switch over to flower (60days old yesterday) I just added a 400 watt HPS that my buddy gave me so just wondering how far away I should keep this HPS for flower? I put it like 10" from the canopy? Also some people told me my plants are going to double in size for flower. Should I expect them to double 8n size??


I actually have 6 plants, one in middle is a big bud auto from a seed I found from last grow, it’s also 60 days old yesterday, I wanted to mention it incase someone saw the buds lol



It depends on the strain but on average most hybrids can double and true indicas will gain about 50%


I think your HPS is good as long as the plant doesn’t touch it and you can mitigate the heat.


Do you think I hung it in a good spot? I was wondering if I should have turned it the other way? Its pretty much impossible to get it to cover the area evenly because the LED kinda needs to be in the middle, I probably should think about picking up another 400w hps for the opposite side so even it out


What size area are you growing in??


For six plants, I would probably pick up another one if your budget allows. I always have more than I need and then reduce if needed.


I made my shed into the grow room, the shed is 6’×12’ I am using half the shed and with a roll of that shiny stuff I made portable walls with plywood so I can move them around to where I need them, right now it’s like 4×4 but that’s a guess lol, I have never measure it lol, the space I have to work with right now is 5×6, but like i said I can make it whatever size want so as the plants grow I will move the walls out


I just screwed 2’×3’ pieces of wood onto five gallon buckets filled halfway with sand so when i need to move them to water or trim I just pick the bucket up and move the wall out of the way lol


That’s a cool idea but you may have light leaks when you switch to 12/12 for flowering. Just something to think about


Your HPS is about 10" from the canopy? You may want to increase that distance to at least 18" or so. HID lighting can out out a lot of light and heat up close, which can cause some problems. So best to start further away and then move closer, than start out too close and have problems.


No signs of burning but I am keeping a close I on it, picking up another 400w hps for the other side tomorrow :grin:, I just changed the time to 12 & 12 , the plants are loving the new HPS