Question about having a high tolerance to THC-ediblocked

From a fellow grower: I need to know how I can get high off of edibles when I ate the 2 x1000 mg rso syringes within a few hours of each other and I felt nothing at all. I didn’t smoke before hand so I googled and read that 20 to 30 percent of people have what is called Ediblocked where this enzyme is responsible for: What enzyme breaks down THC in edibles? I read online that 100 percent white grapefruit juice or just regular grapefruit juice will help your edibles work through stomach and liver.

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Going to ask the obvious question… Was the RSO decarbed?

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Did you decarb the flower?

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Excellent article here:


Remove above square brackets.


Indeed it is. Thanks for posting it.


They could’ve also just used a mediocre strain for the rso I’ve made edibles from the most resinous buds but the high profile from that strain just doesn’t hit my brain to make me feel anything

Yes i assumed it was de carbed it was bought from a dispensary Columbia Care and was Cresco rso

What flower? I bought a sealed rso syringe from a Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensary. I assume the flower that goes into of couse they did

I’m lucky I can get massively stoned on thc be it decarbed or not. My fav. high is snorting it. I freeze the trikes and dust them up like cocaine and cut out a line and take a trip. I can decarb and reprocess and nothing changes, same high just harder on the nose.

Yeah so biologically this is impossible. Snorting THC would not have any effect whatsoever. Please don’t do this people.

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Works great for me been doing it 40 years… :slight_smile: