Question about getting seeds

Hey everyone. I was wondering does anyone know any supplier willing to give free samples on there seeds? Anyplace that will even just send one seed. Or any place that will sponsor you to grow there stuff? Truly would appreciate it if anyone had some info. Thanks and happy growing everyone

Free? There’s no such thing as free! In the upper right hand corner of this page above your avatar is the words “SEED SHOP” Meaning both you can shop for strains you like and it’s a seed shop, where they spend time, effort, and money making and breeding seeds including self flowering, and feminized verities, free seeds can be found in various parts of the world in the “wild hemp” verities, good for making rope and not much else.

I’ve placed orders here and they came through with viable seeds that germinated just fine, other outlets have had nonviable seeds that were too aged, iradiated, or were just a scam to make a quick buck.

In this world you get what you paid for if you’re lucky!


Thanks for the reply but yes people give out there genetics to have other people grow. There is a bunch of free stuff in this world you just have to know the right people and actually look for the stuff. Just like free samples of nutrients. Yes you have to pay shipping and handling but it’s a lot less then buying them out right.

You are correct mate, they do sometimes give out seeds and nutes, even lights.

I’ve seen this happen before. In most cases it seems newer breeders trying to get your name out will look for some growers to donate seeds to as a way of advertising. I’ve seen seeds given out at cannabis conventions too. You won’t find those people here though, you need to check social media sources.

We do contests like bom and Christmas essay and there are gifts from the seed shop for things like that. But that’s all I know of.

@Screwauger and @Willd are in your neck of the woods. Maybe they know of a local route?


It would be faster and easier to order them tickets for a convention or conference is 330 for a weekend and check your area for those but they are not cheap and some guys wil ask you question to see if your really growing and not just going to sell them if they give you some. Plus you never know what your going to get either. Try looking for a grower oriented convention

Highly doubt anyone would give out free seeds. The risk doesn’t outweigh the rewards even if you end up buying.

Just go off the responses, we all wouldn’t be here if the genetics wasn’t legit. Nothings free in this hobby…