Question about flowering/length of light

So a little over 6 weeks until I probably have to harvest. 6 plants: 4 Bruce Banner, 2 Strawberry Kush. All healthy. One of the BB has nice buds. One of the SK has lots of bud sites, but it aren’t dense. The others, sites visible but minimal. All are female.

Is 6 weeks enough time for them to go crazy and bud nice? From sunrise to sunset it still 12h13m. Too much light?Should I move to a shadier area? I’m in SE Pa.

I take it your harvesting because of the weather or something unrelated? Stronger light = denser heavier buds, so don’t put them in the shade imo. If you already see buds forming, then your probably 3 or so weeks into flowering. Most strains will be done or damn close after 9 weeks of flowering

@ThirtyThree I would be harvesting because of frost/freeze. I’ll leave them out until the last possible minute. Last time I did it was around Halloween. Just making sure I’m doing everything I can to be proactive

What we do in Cali to extend our grow season and start in April is erect very simple low ceiling hoop houses. Just 2 16+ pvc lengths, and 4 3 ft rebars and plastic to cover it. Build it around your plants and then get some manure, fill up a couple pillow case sized black plastic bags, leave them in the sun to heat up and put them in your hoop house at night and they should work like lil poop filled heaters!

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