Question about flower time

From a fellow grower: I wanted to know if the two weeks transformation of veg to flower when flipping the light time to 12 on 12 off, does that time count Toward the 9 weeks of flowering or is it 9 weeks after the two weeks so it would be 11 weeks total for flowering once you flip the light?? Or not? I asked Amsterdam seeds and they said it starts after the 2 weeks, but thats crazy cause every flower time is another two weeks?


It usually takes 2-3 weeks for the flowers to form after switching the lights so start the flower time after the 2 weeks transition.


I count when the tops start crowning with pistils as the start of flower. The time from switching the lights to that point is transition period. This usually lines up perfectly with breeders flower time estimates (8 week, 10 week, 12 week)