Question about first stage of plants

    This may sound like a stupid question but, my plant's have been growing for only about 2 weeks and the starter leaves are turning yellow already.  I have never had them turn yellow that quickly. I bought 10 Afghan seeds and all of them germinated. Maybe the problem is that I used potting soil from last year and it may have had fertilizer still in it. It should have dissolved already was my thinking. I give them a little dash of water every other day. Any advice would be appreciated and take it easy on me thanks.
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What’s the question? All I can see is “this may be a stupid question”. Actually, I guess I can scroll through… it’s a weird setup.

Are you saying you are using soil from a previous grow? If so, you will have major problems unless you flushed considerably. Even then, you would need to top dress or add specific nutrients via other methods.

Just scroll it to left

And yellow leaves would be a nuke. Or if the cotylyonsthingsispellwrong are yellowing it can be time for some nutrients

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Update. Well I guess using a 250 watt medal halide bulb is maybe a little too strong for baby plants