Question about ffx farm nutrients

I just purchased fox farm trio, first time grower & im wondering do I start at Week1 of there schedule or do I start at Week 4 of the schedule considering I am at Week4 since sprout…

Are you growing in soil? What kind if so.


I believe start at week one and see how the plant takes it most wouldn’t start using the ferts until week 4 becuase that’s when your soil starts to lack nutes… I always start my nutes on low side and see how each pheno reacts to it better safe than to burn also depends on soil


Sorry about that, I’m in ocean farm soil

@Teffygreenthumb ok cool! I was totally confused, I haven’t added anything & I just hit week4

FF Happy Frog: ~4 weeks
FF Ocean Forest: ~6 weeks

You should really be measuring PPM to determine when to feed.


I actually emailed Fox Farms and asked them directly , they were super helpful . and got right back to me…

Aw man well I’m sh!t outta luck I only have a PH meter, well since I’m in week4 since sprout I have enough time to grab a ppm reader, hopefully I can find one in store & don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail

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Yeah I would start 1/2 feeding on week 6 in ocean. But I flush about a gallon of water thru it first to remove any salt buildup. And just FYI careful following manufacturers exact instructions they make money selling so of course they want you to use it early and heavy.