Question about feeding

I have a question.
Anyone use else use 20-20-20 for feeding?
I was at my local shop, and asked for 20-20-20.
Dude asked me what it was.
Said he had never heard of it.

I used it 20 years ago.
Just getting back at it.
Wondering if it’s not good?

Following the directions it’s likely to work just fine. Might be a little high in nitrogen for flowering though. If you give us a name of the nutrients we
Could probably look up the schedule.

I never used it during the flowering stage.
I use to switch to bloom plus for flowering.
Which is 10-54-10.

Should work fine, just be cautious to not over feed.

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Thank you for the help.

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seems fox farm trio and cal mag are must haves on my " work bench " when i start my grow ?