Question about Enzymes and Amino Acids

Hello all, I recently picked up some Enzymes and Amino Acids from NPK-Industries. I know when you add microbes you’re supposed to do it after you’ve added nutrients and pH’ed the mixture. What about Enzymes and Amino Acids? Should they get added with nutrients before you pH, or with the Microbes afterwards?
Thanks for any advice!

Everything gets added before you ph.


Thank you Hellraiser.

Hellraiser, I think I got confused by the instructions on the NPK Industries feed chart. If you have a minute, check out #4 on the instructions and let me know if you think they mean to just check pH before adding the microbes, or they’re saying to add them after? Either way, I’m switching back to Fox Farms anyway. I did great with Fox Farm for over a year, then I saw videos with the NPK stuff on YouTube and decided to try it. I’m having issues with deficiencies that I never had before, so either this stuff is no good, or I’m not experienced enough to use it properly.
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!

Yeah the way they say it, seems to indicate ph’ing before adding the microbes, which would be fine if the microbes don’t affect ph much. Perhaps the microbes need the ph adjusted so they don’t get screwed up by high or low ph. I always ph after everything so I know what the final ph is before giving to the the plants.

I would do a test and ph before the microbes as they say, then add the microbes, then check ph to see if the microbes changed the ph. If no change or very little change, then might as well do as the manufacturer suggests.

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Thanks again Hellraiser, I did a few tests last night. The microbes, enzymes, or amino acids don’t effect the pH at all. I tried it in plain water, and then tried it again in water with nutes added.

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I do a Ph before microbes, then do another lower strength ph after to hit 6.5 range

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I use OminA, mammoth p, Growers Recharge, and blackstrap molasses in my waterings separate from nutes. Usually ph down heavy first expecting the rise in ph, and ph it by a few drops after adding microbes

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