Question about EC and PPM, and advice on Cal Dream and Chronic Widow

From a fellow grower: What is the best EC LEVELS AND PPM LEVELS that i should grow chronic widow and cali dream in. I have RECIRCULATING hydroponics 5 gallon clay pellets. I use GH MAXI SERIES w whole GH LINEUP AND RO WATER NOT MY FIRST TIME GROWING BUT WANT YOUR OPPINION? I MANIFOLD AND LST. I know these are Big strain so I want to get the most out of them I have plenty of height so what do you suggest I can go about 9 ft indoors should I manifold to 16 tops or do you think the plants can go to 32 tops and still produce heavily?

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Most photoperiod plants tolerate 900 ppm (1.9 EC) in veg without tip-burning. Once in flower the TDS can be upped to 1,100 ppm (2.2 EC) and a bit higher, depending on lights and strain.


I use the GH Flora series lineup with all the additives listed the respective feed chart for Flora.
It’s is much like the GH Maxi series except for the base products. I follow the guidelines in GH feed chart and dose them once per week and then add either rain water or tap water, depending on what I’ve been able to catch, to top off. Then I dump my buckets in the garden and start fresh each week.
This year I’ve been adding a half dose of Dry Kool Bloom to my top off water for the final two weeks of flowering before the Ripen week.

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