Question about early flowering in guerrilla grow

I live in So.US and after starting some White Widow’s indoors I transplanted them outdoors at the end of march. (temps were warm 60deg F) We were getting over 12 hours of daylight. I visited the plants the other day to check and feed them and they have flowers on them! I was not expecting that till October. They are fem seeds not autos. My question is will they revert back to veg as the sun stays up longer thru june or once they go to flower they finish? I am asking is should I feed them bloom fert now or just keep up with veg fert. Thanks in advance.

Lots of opinions out there on your situation.

I put Afghani photo plants out on 3/3 after they were a month old. I’m betting they will finish before mid June. Some have told me they won’t. I’m in so cal.

Here they are:

Lots of opinions out there on your situation.

I put Afghani photo plants out on 3/3 after they were a month old. I’m betting they will finish before mid June. Some have told me they won’t. I’m in so cal.

What light cycle indoors? I was on 14 hours on.

Here they are:

Thanks for your thoughts… When the plants were tiny, most of the time they were outside against my house when the days were pleasant and when it got dark early I put them in a cloest with a grow light I am they had about 14-15 hours of day light. When I planted them outside in the woods, they got about 12.5 hours between sunrise and set and about 13.5 hours of total light. Perhaps the “jolt” of going between 14-15 and 12.5-13.5 of total light kicked them into flower.

Within a few weeks it looked like this:

I just wonder if they will revert back to veg when we get 14+ hours in mid june

They are pretty far along, I am betting they will finish before reverting to vegetative state

They’ll be getting more and more light every day.

Soon they’ll reveg. I doubt they’ll finish before revegging.

You could leave them and see. Although I’d be wary about bud rot setting in as the summer humidity picks up.

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@Drinkslinger. You might be right.

I’ve never played with slowly adding more light to a flowering plant, but I hypothesize that when you get past 14 hours they’ll stop flowering and reveg.

I assume if one snips off the larger, flowering colas, the rest of the plant will continue to veg and the lack of density will help prevent mold.

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I’m literally “betting the farm” on mine finishing before summer solstice.

You could cover them after they get 12 hours of sun. A large trash barrel could do it. Of course there might be humidity or temp issues…

Thanks. This is pretty much a hands-off grow so I will just let it be and see what happens. I will try revisit in a couple weeks or so and apply some bloom fert to one of the plants to see if I can push it to get that to finish. and compare the results to the others, I try and get out there once ever 2-3 weeks or so but it may be longer.
Not too worried about humidity (yet), there is a nice breeze thru there most of the time. But there will be times when it is brutal come July even with breeze. Not shooting for any kind of big yield, first outside hands-off grow. Anything will be good. If it all goes bad, I’ll chalk it up to a learning experience. My Autos are doing fine though.

Whenever you move them outdoors in “low light hours” the flowering hormone is triggered, to prevent this an artificial light is needed to extend the light hours, it must be at least 3 times stronger than a full moon.
The problem with reverting is all the buds will die and start rotting leaving necrotic tissue to infect the new buds and stems with rot when the time comes.

One good alternative but labor intensive is to cover the plants with trash bags from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM to continue the flowering cycle until they’re done.(not a good option but the only one I can think of) or move them indoors 7 to 7 to achieve the same thing, the bags will cause unwanted flower damage and humidity.

A flashlight is enough to wake them up and inhibit the flowering hormone.

I’m currently waiting for pollen to form on one of my Nortgern Lights makes.

I plan to pollinate a few of the small lower buds to:

A) make an Afghani x NL cross

B) I’m hoping that the act of creating seeds will keep the plant in flower.

Might be worth a try

Went back out the other day and they are still blooming. (close up pic below) I also picked a small bud off one of the lower branches and for the hell of it simmered the fresh non-cured chopped up bud it in butter for a couple hours and made a little cannabutter, It had the intended effect. :slight_smile: I may cut these off soon as soon as I see any signs of amber tricomes or any sign of potential decay in the plant. (my motto is some bud is better than no bud. )I hope they finish most are pretty frosty on the main colas.

Do you have a whole plant pic? Interested to see it.

This is the one that is probably the furthest along. A few of the others are not as robust but have several nice flowers. I also have a few autos out there that are doing fine but have a ways to go yet

. I probably jumped the gun on getting them in the ground too early, next year I will wait till mid April to germinate and get them in the ground by mid may.

Start some more now. 2 harvests, it’s a gift!

I’m in Nor Cal and this is my second year growing outdoors. I had the same situation where I started indoors and transplanted outdoors at about 3.5 weeks. I was using a HomeKit enabled outlet to turn my grow light on an hour before sunrise and off an hour after sunset. As I got closer to transplant time I slowly rolled this in so the light was on at the same time there was sunlight outside.

I ended up transplanting about a week earlier than intended because they were growing so well I was concerned about them getting too root bound. 5 of my 6 plants were fine, but my Gorilla Girl strain went into premature flowering. My expectation was that it would re-veg once the days got a little longer, but it’s still in flower 3+ weeks after transplant to outdoors.

If it does re-veg, it sounds like the flowers will die back and I should just trim them off, correct? I’ll post updates here if anyone is curious.

Cutting half the bud mass is how I’ve read it’s done.

I’ve harvested a plant by removing all the buds and leaving some water leaves then revegged them.

So, I’m curious!