Question about dosing capsules for dry herb vapes (using them for different strains in the same vape)

I have a dry herb vaporizer (Planet of the Vapes XMAX V3 Pro) that came with a dosing capsule, and there are options to buy more. I haven’t used the dosing capsule yet, but plan to do so soon.

Are dosing capsules good for using different types of cannabis in the same vape, i.e. using different dosing capsules for energizing herb and relaxing herb? And without that causing any cross “contamination” effects (for lack of a better word) of energizing/relaxing effects from the other type of herbs?

I had thought of purchasing another vape for daytime strains, but maybe that’s not necessary by using dosing capsules?

@CygnusX1 I poked around and saw that you like using dosing capsules.


I just use dry weed so I’m no help @Twelve1. I mix strains together. This one’s filled with Blueberry CBD and Animal Cookies and they go well together.


You could weigh out your dosing ratio then simply grind enough for your needs. That’s probably the easiest thing to do.



Same here @OldSkunk , I only use dry weed in the vape.

@Myfriendis410 I think that the term “dosing capsule” can be misleading, at least for me, as I don’t want the “capsules” for dosing, but for getting extra use (using different strain varieties) from my dry herb vape, as opposed to using it only for nighttime weed, for example, without feeling like I should swab it with alcohol to avoid feeling the effects of a daytime strain I had most recently used the vape for. OK, maybe I’m a bit OCD. :grin:

Here’s a pic of a couple dosing capsules. They are basically stainless steel inserts that the user fills with flower, and then it’s placed into the empty chamber/oven of a dry herb vape:


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Got it. Sounds like you have a workable plan. Sounds easy, too.

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Maybe…Lol I just clean the chamber out with the brush they provided with the vape machine. I don’t notice any crossover from the different buds I vape. I also grind my stuff. For instance…I used 1/2g of BB to 1/2g AC and I get 2 vape sessions out of it.
I have a lot of dope so I’m not picky.

This is about 1/2 lb of AVW that I’m trying to figure out what to do with. Too many have told me not to throw it away.


This is what I’d do with it :grin:


I know right …@1HappyPappy …I’ve seen a bunch of stuff to do with it. I’m just terrible at getting it done. I heard a few say this stuff will make you trip. A bunch of mixed decarbed weed should kick some butt I’d imagine.


My XLUX ROFFU came with what they call a chamber. It is the external oven which holds the weed. It came with two chambers, one quartz and one stainless steel.

I fill both chambers with different weed. This makes it more simple and convenient for me to try my different varieties. I keep them pre loaded in a small glass jar with a little sand in it to hold them vertical.

I just ordered four more so I can prep more in advance.

I got really stoned using the stainless steel oven/chamber. I assumed it was a stronger weed but now I am having second thoughts. Using the quartz oven I get multiple sessions from one load. But to my surprise I got only one session from the stainless steel one. It also seemed more harsh. Now I am thinking the steel provides better heat transfer so it uses the weed more quickly?

I have a half dozen of my home grown varieties so it looks like I will be busy trying the different options.

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I used to use the POV 1 and loved the dosing capsules. Would fill them up with .15g and be good for one session. I would fill up a bunch for the day and was set. Now I use the Arizer Agro. I find the glass chamber instead of the SS pods seem to be a bit smoother and I can still pre fill for the day.

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Let us know how they work out if you decide to use them @Twelve1. I’m curious to find out

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To my surprise my XLux Roffu is from XVape as is the XMAX V3 Pro. The ROFFU did not come with a dosing capsule and I did not know it was an option until today.

I purchased extra chambers that can easily be pre loaded and swapped out. But the same dosing capsule that came with the XMAX V3 Pro also is for the ROFFU!

Thanks @Twelve1 I need some of those! It is better than what I am doing now.

And to facilitate the scenario I will also have to buy a few more of the replaceable 18650 batteries. I keep two spares but with a few more I will have to charge less often. I want to keep a half dozen vaping options handy with nary a worry about a charged vaporizer.


The long awaited Dosing Capsules are here from TopGreen & XMax for the XMax V3 Pro (yes these are officially made for the XMax V3 Pro from TopGreen/XMax, this is not a hack from another device). As of October 2022, they are now also the official Dosing Capsules for the XLux Roffu from XVape (another brand of TopGreen).

Made from Food Grade Stainless Steel. These allow you to preload several capsules in advance for deployment On-The-Go. A setup that utilizes capsules requires less cleaning and maintenance compared to loading the chamber directly with flowers.

When deploying these with the XLux Roffu, the capsules fit neatly into the glass or stainless steel chamber with the sliding screen insert removed. No need to have this installed when using the capsules, keep it set aside for native deployment when you need this removable screen without using the capsules.

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Oh, cool @zeuspaul !

Yesterday, Planet of the Vapes started their 420 sales, so their dosing capsules for that/those vapes are 20% off. I might just buy another vape (same kind), and/or I might pick up some dosing capsules, lol … decisions. :crazy_face:

Sorry, late to the party… I like them a lot in the Crafty+. Primarily because they are easy to clean, and keep the vaping chamber very clean… but also because I have a little air tight tube I can store a stack of 4 of them in for easy travel. Much easier to just pop a new one in while on the go as opposed to disposing of what’s in the device, grinding, and packing, etc…

You do get slightly less bud in the chamber, but I haven’t found them to impact the “quality” of the vape in any way. I just fill up as many as I think I’ll need then swap them out throughout the day, etc. Then empty them out all at once in the evening.


Me too! I want another. I will probably go with another ROFFU because I have no complaints. I definitely want another with an 18650 replaceable battery. I researched a few with the thought of getting a little variety. I was considering the ARGO but then read about the longer heat up time. For me I think it best to go with what has worked well in my situation.

The ROFFU chamber is already small and I will lose some capacity as @CygnusX1 indicated however the capacity of the ROFFU chamber is always adequate for my needs. The additional convenience of the dosing chamber will be a nice addition.


OK, so a couple weeks ago, I bought some dosing capsules - I really like them! I have a few filled with my favorite strains, and I can easily switch between strains and not feel like I need to clean the vape chamber between strains, lol, especially between the daytime and nighttime strains.

I have the Planet of the Vapes XMAX V3 Pro dry herb vape, and I bought dosing capsules for the Planet of the Vapes ONE, which are about half the price made for the V3. The ONE dosing capsule description said that they fit the V3, and they do. :grinning: