Question about different looking buds

Evening everyone, so I’m still learning quite a bit throughout my grow and I’ve noticed something with different looking buds on different plants.
Some have huge Calyx while others look more like it does when you get a bud that’s been dried and cured and ready to smoke.

Here’s an example of 2 of my girls ( the bottom 2 pics). See how they look more like what I think of when I think cannabis plants.
Then there is the other kind that have big huge Calyx that are all bumpy etc ( found online ) (have seen a good bit of photos that look like that)

My question is, is this genetics or vary strain to strain kind of thing or is this is a mature thing since mine are still younger? I’m just confused as to the very different looks they have and I’ve never seen pot that looks like the bumpy swollen Calyx versions but again I’m new to growing. Are mine going to look like that when they finish maturing?


Sweet lookin buds bro congrats :muscle::bamboo:

the top one looks like it is foxtailing a little


They will do that on you towards the end… ive read were some guys cut back to 12&12 in the last few weeks to prevent that

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Genetics plays a big role in the bud structure.


Top pic is foxtailing. As mentioned less light will help. Some individual plants are more prone to foxtail.
Better to raise the light or dim it some.
That said its not uncommon for two plants to grow differently. Each one genetically may present a variation in structure.


No 2 are alike no matter what strain somehow someway they are all different imho

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Thanks guys and yea the top pic is a random pic I found that showed what I was referring to. I’m lucky mine haven’t foxtailed since my one is not trained and is a good bit closer to the light but it’s doing good lol

Please whatever you do. … i can’t stress this enough about the airflow that’s needed to keep the bud rot away… make sure you have plenty… pruning helps

Yea I have an oscillating fan for the top and 2 fans below for under canopy. Also an AC infinity S4 blowing in air from my AC and an AC infinity raxial blowing in air from my lung room lol

Very good that will save you some heartache later… :broken_heart::cry:

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Just curious, was the foxtailing bud on the tallest plant? If so, one way to balance out the light is to place blocks under the shorter plants so that all plants are roughly the same distance from the fixture. If you were to use a light meter, it would become more clear why. Artificial light loses power very quickly as distance increases, unlike sunlight, which is more omnipresent. So 6 inches from a fixture can make a pretty big difference to a plant, depending on the fixture.
In addition to that, genetics plays a role too, some plants are just prone to foxtailing. Those plants need less intense light than one that doesn’t foxtail easy. So if you grow that strain again, you know to back that one away a bit. Did the lower part of the plant foxtail?


From what I gather his did not foxtail.


Yea sorry that foxtail photo was not mine. I’ve avoided it to this point lol