Question about designing a hydroponics system/pumps/controlled injection systems

From a fellow grower: My biggest question pertains to small-scale hydroponic systems. Assuming one is skilled enough to do so, designing a system seems much cheaper, without the sacrifice of quality. For a build with a reservoir of about 5 gal of Nutrient medium, what brand[s] of pumps/controlled injection systems could you recommend?


Look up PA hydroponics they sell parts and complete systems he will help design you own he also has a good YouTube channel PA Hydroponics and Home Gardening Supplies


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There are way too many options to detail without knowing more about your personal goal and how you want to grow, scrog, no scrog… etc…

Hydro is not for small scale plants due to the explosive growth they go through during the transition.

Will you be growing in a room or a tent.
What’s your growing experience?

We will be more than happy to help but need to know more.

I have a small scale hydro grow. So many ways to accomplish the same goal.

Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:



It also doesn’t take any expertise whatsoever. Just basic competence with a drill and some pvc glue mostly. A saw too I guess. :v::100: