Question about dehumidifier for 3x3 tent

Hi I’m trying to get my humidity down what size dehumidifier do I need? I have two already that remove 9 oz water a day. My humidity keeps hitting around 60%. I read that they should be hung by the light? Mine are on the floor right now. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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@Worleyhead If you can stay in that range on the floor you should be good mine is also on the floor Do you have any fans or carbon filters?

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@Worleyhead What is your environment like? Is the 3x3 in a very humid room?

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I’ve got a 90 pint dehumidifier in the room I grow in. It’ll pull 5+gal/day to keep the rh at 45%.

It’d heat my tent up too much if it was in there, plus it’d probably be running constantly because of the air exchange.

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It’s about 77 with light on and 72-74 light off…have tent in bedroom which is air conditioned

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Your temperature is in a good range I don’t see any problems with that.

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You in Veg or flower?

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I’m in flower


Humidity will be lower at canopy level where it is closer to your lights as well best to use a probe on a steak to tell how the plants feel also don’t forget to match ur VPD to temps or vise versa if u can’t get humidity where u want it

Happy looking gals :wink:

Not sure what VPD is…this is only my second garden, my first started in March and near the end started running into humidity issues and found small spot of mold/bud rot and harvested immediately, didn’t lose much at all because I caught it right away but my trichomes were half clear half cloudy. Anyway got 7 1/2 oz and it has been really good smoke hoping to keep humidity down so I can finish these girls a little longer

My first harvest

I did notice the humidity is different closer to light as I put a hydrometer up high and it’s reading about 5% lower than the one on the floor

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I have another in-line fan coming today, right now I just have one hooked to carbon filter exhausting air I’m going to hook new one up to draw air in so maybe that might help me I hope


Hey Worley, how did that grow turn out? I’m running into high rh levels in my 3x3 (65% average), week 1 of flower. That’s about where I want the rh to be for the stretch, but afterwards I’ll need to drop it. Looking into a dehumidifier that’ll take that rh down to 40% for late flower. Any suggestions will help.

•3x3 tent w/ 2 plants in soil
•HLG 550 V2 RSpec, 22” from canopy @ 100% power
•G8 LED 90 Bloom Lamp
•AC Infinity Cloudline 4” exhaust w/ carbon filter
•Passive intake, air conditioned room