Question about coco

Which of these is the best choice?


Not a coco grower but all three look pretty decent. Is cyco amended with microbe life?

I believe the middle one does.

I look for ‘natural amendments’ like meals, ew castings, etc etc.

Then i look for healthy mykos and microbes herds.


I’m use to using FF and Promix.
Been reading all the stuff on coco.
Was thinking I was going to try it out on my next attempt.

Canna coco

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My other shop has it.

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Think 3 bags will fill 5 5s?

You can also get it in compressed bricks - rehydrate and good to go
This is from HTG Supply

If wanting to grow in coco, check out CocoforCannabis. Loads of info
I have not used canna yet. I have 4x 40L packages waiting for next run. I have used GrowIt brand bricks from Hydrofarm. I am pleased with it. Using it in an autopot
Here it is. Almost a week into flower.

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Is there a difference between the brick and the bagged.
Other than having to prep the brick?

And those look very nice.

Thank you guys for the help.

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Cannagardening said this "After several years of development and testing, CANNA has succeeded in producing a coco brick that is the exact same high quality medium that CANNA is known for but in a compressed form and one that truly makes a difference. "

Sold on the brick.
How many will I need for 5 5s?

Thanks again.

I wasn’t planning on using perlite. Just straight coca.
Less watering, correct?

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I use the Canna. 1 bag mixed with 30% perlite fills 3 five gallon pots


Yes that’s it
I just converted over to coco and you do have to water everyday but my results also a 180 from soil as far as plants.

It’s the same as the loose stuff.

Thank you all for the input.
I’m definitely going with coco on the next try.
Just wanted to start off right this time.

Much appreciated

I am between 40 - 50% perlite. But I am also using an autopot. This plant is also in coco and is in a sub-irrigation planter (SIP - buckets). I think of it as a manual autopot. @Watt-Sun are you hand watering your plants in coco?

I also have four purple haze growing in 5 gallon SIPs. I am using a peat mix in these rather than coco.
Photo before they were defoliated yesterday

After defoliation. They look a little beat up because some of the mains needed to be bent and placed under the wire cage. They look totally unfazed by it today.

Just showing these as a possible alternative.
I believe using the coco for cannabis 50/50 mix of coco and perlite, 10L of coco is used per five gallons.
I am not sure if many grow in straight coco. If watering frequency is an issue maybe using vermiculite would be an option to consider. It retains a lot of water and provides Silica while providing much needed aeration.

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@beardless thank you.
Nice looking plants.
Thanks for sharing