Question about cloning leading to stunted plants

From a fellow grower: cloning is done from clone to clone down the line as each harvest goes by (instead of constant mother plant) do you think the lineage will eventually loose its vigour and eventually flat line to a slightly more stunted or tired form of itself? Have heard many things but I do notice the plants are never exactly the same.

They say you lose something a long the way going from clone to clone instead of keeping a mother.

That said read up on monster cropping. it’s the process of taking clones in the 3rd/4th week of flower, then reverting them to veg to make your next round of plants.

This process is continued over and over again to keep you going, I’ve not known anyone to use this method so I can’t speak on it’s ability not to mess with the potency or strength of the plants

My experience is no, however, it’s only a matter of time before a virus infects the plant, and that’s from experience, could go 20 years with no problem, then one day, it’s sickly and never recovers.