Question about bubble boy buckets

Is the water level supposed to be at the bottom of the cone or fill up to the top of the center cone

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This is something like a deep water culture system right? If so, you should have a small air gap between bottom of lid and water level as far as I know.

I’m with dbm on this. Has just an airstone in the bucket supposed to have just a 1 to 2 inch gap at most between bottom of netty pot and water level if there r no roots hanging yet I’d leave the level set where if any bubbles from the stone pop at water level it splashes the material in the netty pot so the medium does not dry out. When roots r established and hanging in nutes then make sure to leave that gap for oxygen to the roots.

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thanks alot

I use the same bucket setup.

Vegetation stage will have them drinking a gallon a day. At that point fill up to just below the bottom of the netpot and again every time the level drops a couple inches