Question about auto's and nutrients

Just had two autoflower plants sprout today. Question just how long till they are ready to start nutrients, how many days till week one? Have ILGM nutrients and plants are from ILGM seeds.Plants will be outside in cold frame till weather warms up enough to put in the ground.

Autoflowers are plants that have a preset life span depending on the strain. That being said, Autoflowers do not like to be transplanted. The time the plant spends re-rooting takes away production time. If need be, it is best to transplant the plant into it’s final home as soon as possible.

As for feeding nutrients, I feed mine water until a couple nodes develop and then I feed in my Clone mix and up to sapling mix. I have been feeding only Veg nutrients to date. I want to introduce Bloom nutrients next.

I also give my plants either 20 or 24 hours light, T5 or LED.

Feed tham with Liquid Karma until they have 4-5 nodes, then give them a nutrient, following directions on the bottle