Question about Auto flower

I’m in week 4 of one variagate auto flower
I need to know if she get more big? And why is this yellow color on the point of the leaf

She get more big?

Why Is yellow the point of the leaf

Thanks you for advised

Yellow tips tend to be very common. Just part of the tip. Long as its not the whole leaf, you should be good.

Autos do what they want, when they want. My Autos have ever come 1/5th of what my Photos do. I prefer full control. Autos tend to be a PITA. Finicky as well.

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@MrPeat Thanks just my problem is my light is 12 1/2 inch from the top so if she get bigger with the bud I need to remove the carbon filter that why

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Learn to grow horizontal. Your plants will thank you for it. I grow 8 feet tall bushes in my 4x4 tent. They also grow over 2 feet out of the tent on just a single plant.

Also get some paracord and slowly pull the top branches down as far as you can go. Let them bulk up in flower mode then slowly release each branch. If it has enough weight, it will keep from hitting the top.

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Thanks @MrPeat

This is why people train their plants. I am on the opposite side and let my plants go ballistic. And you’re welcome.

The upper right corner is the main Cola. This photo was about half way into the grow cycle. The Cola grew as wide as a volleyball. You can see the ropes I utilize.

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Nice :+1: look pretty good like jungle lmaooo and just half way congrats I’m rookie I have almost any I need but my tent are 2x2x4 that why I start why autos so I’m learning and I was scare about space and light to close to the top of the plant but you gime the advice

What strain of autoflower? Many can be topped like White Widow with no issues.

@GulfCoastGurilla sour diesel with 4 week and 3 days from seedling

Too late to top your into flower now, bend em over

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Yeah :sweat_smile: @GulfCoastGurilla that’s my favorite part she in flower but I just care if she don’t get bigger I’m fine with that high cuz my light getting to close so if she get bigger with the bug I need to move my carbon filter

Looking good!!! A lot bigger than the last time I’ve seen it!