Question about Afghan indoor growing


A question from a fellow grower:

About Afghan. Indoors that it gets 60 cm or 2 feet tall yet I also read grown indoors also that 1 plant can produce 14 oz? Surely your not talking about a 2 feet or 60 cm tall plant with a 14 oz yield? Specifically asking 400 grams from a single 2 foot tall plant?


You sure can especially with a stout plant like afgahni


Not too many of these were much taller than 2’ tall and yeilded about a 1/4 to 1/2 a pound
To get 14oz off one plant your environment lighting and nutrients will have to be near perfect
You are not gonna get those yields with plastic pots miracle grow and tap water and a cfl bulb


Ok I appreciate the answer. As I said in a different question I know nothing about indoor growing


Alright I appreciate you answering and let me just say wow,even if your not getting 14 oz a plant yours are very nice. What size is your area and wattage of lights?


I built the room 6.5’ x 9.5’
My main fixture is pushing a lil more than 600 watts its a cob fixture I built from a kit I got from rapid led
It puts out a 5x5 foot print
I also have 2 8bulb t5 fixtures as well
This was only my second grow and first indoor grow
I started them all outdoor and they all flowered early on me so had to finish them inside


Oh and @Flanigan welcome to the community nice to have you here!
Any questions at all just shoot
We can also tag in some members with more indoor experience too
It is always good to get feed back from several growers


The only way to really accomplish that goal of 14 oz per plant on a two footer is serious training along with ideal conditions. I’ve pulled 12 oz from a single indoor plant using a SCROG which is a great tool for maximizing yield.


Well I appreciate it. I was in another group called “roll it up” some people are serious but most especially experienced growers like to poke fun at new people or make fun like for example me being new to that group I had mentioned growing outdoors but in a cage because I always have used 1 for protection mainly when young but I had just started experiencing a little with autos so I planned to grow all the way out and had posted I was going to scrog but outside using the cage and these two people a guy and girl said something like I plan on scrogging outdoors this season too and the other said just make sure to google outside scrog and it will show you all types of position and i knew right away their talking about sex which was a little funny haha but all the time people joking like that when other people such as myself are actually trying to learn but anyway I am new and I am glad to get any advice and so far everyone has been very helpful and I have already learned more in 2 days than a month or 2 at roll it up.


Yea I have noticed on other forums people are very arrogant
You bump into that once in a while here but they usually don’t stay around long
We are all in this together we have alot of great experienced growers here as well as newbs like us.


Afgahn is a great strain choice
Lots of cool out door and indoor scrogs here
Check out what @MattyBear has going on in his post DIY Light , 2x2 , Scrog , Maui Wowie
Let me see if I can tag you in
This would be a good thread to read through if you want to do a single plant grow


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I already did
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I don’t mind at all brother :wink:


Thanks again @MattyBear looking friggin awesome
I really dis your light build