Question about AC Infinity T6 fan

Hell yeah, ill have to check it out, thanks brother

Noob question.
When do you throw the fan on the plants?
Seedlings stuck their head out of the soil 4 days ago and now i’m dealing with some stretching so added dirt to the pots and lowered the light to around 30" from 44".

The ac infinity fans we have been discussing are for drawing air through your grow space and carbon filters if any.

Small fan(s) should be inside the grow space to keep the air circulating in and around your plants. That is the kind of fan I believe you are referring to. You can turn on a fan at a low setting and have it blow past your seedlings to help strengthen their stems, but you need to start out easy.

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Thank you.

@CMichGrower did you ever figure out the BlueTooth/wifi bridge with the Controller 67s? All I’ve come with is an ipad with the app in Bluetooth range on wi-fi, and I’d remote into that.

Hasn’t become important yet to figure it out. Only gone for a few days at a time and things seem to run smoothly.