Question about a partial harvest

Hey everybody,
I have another question about harvesting, specifically whether to partial harvest or not. Most of my grow comes from A pot for pot (2 gallon size). This includes the pot and soil. My girl is a blueberry auto from here(Ilovegrowingmarijuana). She is in a 2x2x4 tent and lighting schedule is 18/6. The light is a 158watt LED from growers house (they advertise as being equal to a 400 watt hs light). Using water with a ph of 6.7. Had been using miracle grow nutes but was advised to switch to water because of suspected nutrient burn. Right now I am seeing buds in all different stages. Some have most pistils amber and tricomes are milky, where others have pistils that are mostly milky. I had a lighting issue early on before switching to the LED one I have now. So my question is can I take mature buds off and leave others to mature or just wait and take the whole plant? I have read both. Here are some pics-

Any advice would be great. Just trying to be patient.


Yes, you can harvest the mature buds and leave the others.


Yes that is just what I did with my plant.

for sure! You might wanna pick the hair out of em first?

you are never gonna let me forget this are you? I have already started to carefully take them off. Next grow (2nd) will be a lot more sanitary. I may move my tent to another room (like mine where no freaking cats ever come into.) Not all the buds have hair on them (thank God). Thank you for all your input. I live in a state where “it” hasn’t gotten here yet. In fact, not even sure “it” is on the way. I am pretty sure 95% of our state wouldn’t know what “it” is if it was a foot in front of their face!


Im just poking you :laughing:

I know man. But not everybody is like you on the forum. 97% are great, but there are a few who think their shit don’t I don’t know how much you read on the forum, but if i am giving advice and come across something over my head I tell them that some of the other seasobed growers could advise you better. I mean folks like you, @PurpNGold74, and some others. Yall have been nothing but cool and very helpful. I just think that is pretty damn awsome.


And in all fairness I only have one eye. Blind in one eye and that’s all I got, lol.

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Shout out!! Thanks my guy

I almost only had one eye, got a nail in one of em at work one day. Had 3 surgerys to repair it. My iris was cut so it doesnt work anymore, like when the sun is bright it stays the same size as when its cloudy. I can still see OK, but because Im old, my eysight aint what it used to be. I can still see thise cat hairz though :laughing:

I am old too. Radiation cooked my eyeball. The other one ain’t that good either. So thank you for the catch. And not so much thank you for keep pointing it out, LOL!

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I would like to thank @Cannabian, @PurpNGold74, @LandShark, and @FrostyBuds for responding to my question. Harvest started yesterday, and I am gonna do the big chop tomorrow!!! I dont think I am gonna get that much, but you gotta start somewhere. Even if I only get an ounce I will be happy!! Thanks to everyone for their help. Time to get high now…


Wouldn’t harvesting some of the nature buds stress the plant out and slow the rest down?

I really don’t know. Everyone that responded said you can do it. @Se7en, I guess you can look at it two ways. The first would be like what you are asking; it stresses the plant out and slows the underdeveloped buds down. The other way would be that taking the mature buds helps the plant focus all of its energy on the developing buds because it doesn’t have to put energy into keeping those developed buds alive (in hopes of being fertilized). It didn’t seem to bother my plant. Here’s a before and after shot. I think I will take the rest of the plant tomorrow.


Yeah that’s true! I did think of it both ways exactly like that. As I’m sure some of my sites are maturing faster than others lol so thought I’d see what people’s opinions on it were before I made the decision

I wanted to say something about my cell phone. All of the pictures I have taken have been with this phone I got a month ago. I did not use any loup, or pocket microscope. Just the cameras on the phone which are incredible. The pro lense is a 42mp camera. It also has a macro lense. And this phone is free if you start a 2 year plan with Verizon. Its the Samsung Galaxy A51. I never would have bought a pocket microscope had I known this phone could give me everything I needed to see the tricomes.

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the obvious other advantage is, once that tall central cola is outta the way you can get the light much closer to the remaining buds. They are smaller partly due to them nit getting the same light as the tops, but also thenplant will naturally develop the higjest parts of the plant.

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Ditto. A staggered harvest has always helped me. The top cola gets extra hormones (auxin) that helps it develop more… just more honestly. Think about it like this. All (most) organisms almost exist to procreate. Weed included. The taller, wider the cola/pistils reach, the better chance she gives herself to pollenate. When u chop that main, the hormones shoot the the next highest top/tops, usually they are pretty even.

This ‘outside the box’ style thinking has always lead me to believe, the right stressors late in flower increase potency. The stronger the thc, the less likely a deer will return for a second snack. That is… until u stress to the point of herm’n your gal. Pollenated buds stop focusing on thc n resin and start focusing on seed production


This is separate for a reason. I believe that light fried your leaves. Kinda close but i can see the thought process.

I dont think herbivores are effected by non carboxylated cannabis. They can eat the entire plant and be unaffected.