Question about a light for a clone mother

Would the 65w do the job or should I jump to the 100w?

Thank you.

Depend on what you want out of your light in the end. More light is always better, but that said, clones don’t need a whole lot of light. If just 1 or 2 clones, then 65w is probably enough. I’d err on the side of more light though.

Thank you.
I’m just wanting something to keep it under and take clones when I need.
They’ll go under a little t5 to start, then under a 300b spec to veg out.

Thanks again.

I was going to go with just a T5 4’ 4 bulb fixture. Its almost the same price as the 100w led.
Figure the few extra $ on the led would be worth it.
Didn’t want to spend where I don’t need to.

Hlg-65 good for 2x2 veg

Thank you guys.