Question about a 300w growstar

Question from a fellow grower!

If someone was growing in a 2x2x4 tent would a 300w growstar be too much? Everything I can find online says it’s fine as long as it is the proper distance from the plant. But 300w (even 120 actual watts) seems like too much for the small space, even at 28" from plants. Any advice on addressing such an issue?

If you mean this, no it will not even be enough probably to get you through veg, much less flower

You need something like an hlg100 rspec


+1 for the HLG.

You really need 40 true watts of quality cannabis lighting for every square foot of cannabis canopy. So for a 2x2 you really need 160 watts using this metric.

These burples have a poor light spectrum and with the burples, some percentage of that wattage goes toward generating heat rather than generating light. The light is underpowered for a 2x2 and you may have problems with heat if using the burple (Growstar.)


When I said
“If you mean this…”
I meant to link to the growstar
Such as

And yeah, save up for something that will work, cuz that thing will only make you mad

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Yeah, these UFO lights are next to worthless.

Might be okay for a seedling. It’s worthless beyond that.

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