Question about 4 ft LED daylight fixtures

A question of a fellow grower:
I am using 4 ft LED daylight fixtures, 40w with an equivalent of 260w +/- and 4500 lumens each…2 used per 4 foot shelf, 2 plants. Is that within the good/adequate lighting demand?

Probably enough for vegging plants. A little more intensity and a cct that has more reds in it would be better for flowering.


each one of those will cover a 6 inch by 4 foot area for veg,
4 ft x 3 in. at most for flower.

to cover a 1’ x 4’ shelf in flower u would need 4-5 of those lights,
even with enough coverage the low watt LED’s don’t have good penetration,
hope that helps.!!

30–35W/SF will be needed for veg, 35–50W/ST for flowering. My mars proII1600 is 740W in tent 4’x4’, works very well