Question #2 - Let me guess, another pH/nutrient issue?


First grow, my best plant so far. Any ideas on this yellowing issue? WW auto, 7 weeks, FF nutrients, FF Ocean Forest, coco, perlite mix about 70/15/15. Bottom most leaves turned almost white! I already flushed her a week ago when I first noticed yellowing. Will another flush help? Will she survive all these yellow fan leaves if I just keep to my schedule?


She looks like she needs N. So yes. Possibly a pH nutrient issue. If you pH isnt around 6.5 (6.3-6.8 is the appropriate ‘range’ for soil) she WILL NOT be able to absorb nitrogen. Thus she will begin eating her fan leaves from the bottom up. Just the most obvious possible problem. Im assuming from the title you adjustd ur pH before asking?


Yes, have been adjusting pH the last couple weeks, after the flush, previously was just using distilled water and FF nutes. The soil meter always looked about 7.0 so far, but not sure if I’m reading it right.
Thanks for the help.


No problem. My biggest worry is that one at the top yellowing. Just keep a close eye. If it spreads again before that lower one does off u may have a problem. And try to drop that pH again next watering. Maybe go in around 6.2. If you can get it down a couple points she may can eat better


If your using on of those soil/moisture/light meters to check your soil ph you could be off by 2 points either way … You need to check the ph of the water that runs out of your pot when u water.


Yeah, I don’t know how much I trust those meters. I guess I should check that runoff. Didn’t know it was so complicated when I started. Yikes.


Lol. Its really not so hard. Once u get certain things down pat. Then u can tweak for ur own style. But basics are basics. Good tools n setup go a looong way