Queen Mother Goji Strain Review

Queen Mother Goji
Soon as Oklahoma passed legislation for legal cannabis, I was eager to visit a dispensary and see what we Oklahomans had to offer. I knew that the blackmarket had top shelf cannabis and wanted to discover how medicinal marijuana fared. OKMC (Oklahoma Medical Cannabis) set the standard for local dispensaries. They had the top-shelf cannabis I sought. And the knowledge of those behind the counter reiterated to my mother the same stories I had told her for the longest time. Now, their knowledge was passed on to her. I had books about landrace strains and was eager to find out more. I discovered Queen Mother Goji. From the mountains of Nepal to the arid deserts of India, this strain has strong roots in these regions. With parents Nepalese OG and Snow Lotus, the enhanced mood often alleviates depression in patients seeking relief from them. This strain also helps one settle and ease the tension in body and mind: releasing any pain. For those withe eating disorders, this strain brings hunger to them returning their desire to eat. With undertones of spice and musk, Queen Mother Goji’s dominant terpene profile blends floral , pine, and earth. The smoke on the inhale, a cool breeze. On the exhale, a walk in a garden. Then again, those were my surroundings during my smoke session.