Quasar LED in Cash Crop Help/Opinion


Hi all. Excited to be here. I have been using the cash crop 3 footer for a year or 2 with fair results. I was using the 3 fluorescent spiral light bulbs and changing them from flower to bloom 6500k and 2700k, and raising them up as my grow hit the top. Anyway, I had pretty good results but the light had a hard time getting to the bottom buds due to the leaves etc. I was very excited to buy and use the new LED thats supposed to be for this box made by Quasar. Its sold by dealzer and even asks you via a drop down box if you are ordering this LED to replace your spirals in your cash crop. If you mark yes, they send the light already attached to a wood strip covered with foil, so you can easily screw it into the back of your cash crop box at the very top. I am on my 2nd grow with this light. I am using Roberts autoflower seeds.I am very disappointed so far with this light. My first grow ,harvested a month ago, was hardly worth the effort. The buds were anemic and thin and not much to them. The yield was embarrassing. The quality is great, but the yield is terrible. This 2nd grow looks like it will be the same. I am using moon dust nutes. I keep my water at 5.8 to 5.9. I use moon dust and bloom when flowering. I will be honest and say this is only a 3 foot box. I am not expecting a huge amount. In fact, you cant really grow more than 2 plants in there at a time. Just not enough room. The buds were thicker and more robust when I used the 3 spirals. This light is made by Quasar. Its a weird purple color when on. There is no switch to change it from flower to bloom. It makes hardly any heat and you dont raise it up and down…but I just dont know so I am asking if anyone else has had experience with this light or any suggestions. If you want to see this light, its on the dealzer website and cost about 75 dollars. Thx for all the help and suggestions in advance.


Well, I want to be helpful but, at the same time honest. So here goes.

Considering the high price range of decent LED lamps; 75 bucks is a super cheap lamp, and I would think you need several at least another (for side lighting) You say there is a switch to change from flower to bloom…flower and bloom are the same thing

Your box as you determined is too small So called “spirals” are really called or named CFL compact fluorescent lamp.

I recommend you rig up a way to add the old cfl lamps around the box to get better lighting.

IN then future; Buy a bigger tent, or do not use a tent and make a small grow room. Use the little box for vegging seedlings or rooting clones.

I would love to help; However, it is going to be your willingness to adapt your plans in order to achieve the results you are looking for. OK? :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think about my suggestions. Peace, lw


Just my two cents - seems the cheaper LED’s will work well as supplemental lights. I used to run all LED - on this last grow I switched back to my MH/HPS 250w magnetic ballast using a 300w IR LED for supplement. The cheaper LED’s don’t emit PAR (maybe none do, maybe they can’t) and to my experience that’s the major difference. LED may have 90% light penetration, lower power draw and heat - but they don’t have the intensity I get with an HID light. I yield more under my 250w HPS than I ever did with my 1000w of cheap LED’ s. Lol!

Please feel free to correct me, like I said - this is my experience with lighting… I never got super nugs from LED. I’m sure people do… just not me. Lol. They were good but nothing like my HID grows which are fantastic.


Well thank you for a fast reply. I was expecting to hear what you both said. I was hoping a few people, who may have used the cash crop and this light too, might chime in. I think I expected much more because of the ad that was written about this LED. It said it was tested, and had much improvement over the 3 CFLs, and like I said before...they even asked if I was buying it ( the LED) to replace the 3 CFLs. Its all good. I know I have to go HID and more space for the results I am looking for, however, thats just not an option. The whole idea behind the cash crop box is to put it somewhere inconspicuous with a good carbon filter on it, and no one will really notice it. The fans a bit loud, but its ok. I have it in my office in my home and anyone who comes over never knows. I think I might go back to the CFL`s because I did have much better results with those. And yes…flower and bloom are the same, I meant the growing cycle and the flowering cycle. Thx again.:ok_hand:


Exactly the point I was trying to make; Thanks! I myself do not use LED. I did buy a couple cheapies in order to evaluate them for our ILGM members; @myownexpense. I can see growing a 1 plant SCROG with it.

Point is: What makes or breaks LED system in the cheaper variety, is; The quality of output due to the heat sync

And; Then there is “cobs” That might be your answer. Ask; @Dumme

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Well my friend, at least you know what you know. We are all here to help.

Happy growing! :slight_smile:


Just adding my two cents could you keep led and add cfl back in also ? This might help with you bud density a bit
But your already aware ofvyoyr limitations :+1:


Hi countryboy+. Thx for your time. These boxes are pretty small. The whole idea I guess is to be as stealthy as possible and still be able to grow hydro. I only have room for either the LED or go back to the original power strip with 3 CFLs. I had pretty good results with the cfls. I was hoping to get stronger light to the nugs that are lower and slighty blocked by leaves. Think I will go back to CFLs. Thx again.


A possible solution for the lower buds not getting light is to try to adapt a light or two to drop down next to the lower canopy. I placed one in my grow box to add to the light produced and it helped. My last grow, I just didn’t have the room due to plant size. My Grow Box is homemade 18x16x48 inches inside.


Well thx all for your time. I am moving up to the right stuff after this small grow. Tent…HID…the only way to go for any decent results. The cash crop boxes are just too small to expect any yield.


My first grow box I bought was the cash crop 5.0. Imo it’s junk and I question it’s ability to grow anything, even basil lol. The quazar LED light is a 20w light n they make it so you have to look around on the site to even find that info. I bought a yeild machine max 4ft with 300w LED light for basically the same price as the cash crop (535 for the yield machine n 595$ for the cash crop). I got a deal on my cash crop because I bought it through Walmart some how (420$) but it’s still disappointing. That being said I have a 150w led in the mail I got for 37$ off Amazon to replace the puny quazar. I, like you, have space issues and can’t really fit a tent in my apartment. Uniquehydroponics.com have alot of different sized boxes that blow all of cash crops cabs out of the water, so my only suggestion is try a different site for a better box that’ll still be small enough for ur space, make space for a tent, or do what I am currently doing n replace the overpriced quazar with a stronger but still cheapy cheapy led


Thx Tonyb. I have gone to a tent and the correct lights. Your correct in everything you said. Junk…basil…lmao. I am going back to the 3 spiral flouresents in the cash crop and use it just to get the seedlings up. Once they are a couple of inches…gonna put em in the tent. Thx 4 your response.


Np. Wish I had room for a tent:(. Stuck with my Frankenstein cash crop and yield machine max till I get rid of my room mate I guess :confused:


I say go COB… two 3000 k cobs will push some serious bud out of that little box. Check out "grow mouse " on youtube. He will show you all you need to know. You may be able to get away with a single DIY cob kit for 100 bucks. Happy growing bro!:sunglasses: