QuantumX 200 för 299$ is it better on market?

Can i find better par and lumnen then QuantumX 200 no fan for 299$

Please give me info?

Best regards seed

@dbrn32 probably would have a better suggestion than I will.

Hit me whid info then i check the lamp.

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A 260W QB V1or V2 LED KIT (V1-$279, V2-$330)from horticulturallightinggroup will provide 60W+ more power and equal or better efficiency. If you were handy you could build a V2 with parts for ~$250.


Do this handle 220v iam in Eu?

What i can se 120v.

Thanks for you idee

Den lör 23 mars 2019 15:05WickedAle via Growing Marijuana Forum by Robert Bergman’s I Love Growing Marijuana growingmarijuana@discoursemail.com skrev:

I am sure @dbrn32 can provide specs for the proper EU220V power supply and EU sourcing of HLG boards.

So this is the ledlights whid no fan on market for “300$”
For veg and flower the best for the money in a 80x80x160cm tent?



@Bubbelkush If the LED’s are efficient they don’t need a fan. Passive cooling is enough.
@SlowOldGuy @bubbelkush I don’t know about import taxes, but those kits are much more expensive than just ordering the boards 2 x QB288 (3000K or 3500K) boards (w/heatsink) directly from HLG, then ordering the driver (Meanwell HLG 240H-C2100A) from and EU source and building yourself. They are not difficult to build. I used sheet aluminum instead of the heat sinks and aluminum L bracket. (My build is a 4 x QB304 build)

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@Bubbelkush yes these drivers will support 220V in Europe.
I can wire them for 220V and the efficiency would actually be a little higher. But I don’t have cool outlets like all of you across the pond have. :wink:

So i can order 60x60?

I meen heat sink.

@Bubbelkush please don’t post your personal contact info, sharing personal information is against forum policy.

I’m sorry a little tied up this weekend, but I’m not familiar with quantumX light. The others giving you solid information though. Anything using meanwell hlg series driver is multi voltage.