Quantum boards start to finsih

i have a question im using quantum boards in my tents i have two tents one is a 2x2 by 64 and the other is a 4x4 by 78 in the 2x2 ive got two qb 135s and the 4x4 tent i have to qb 260 kits one is with the rspec i cant seem to get my plants to grow taller than about two feet even when i put the boards to the ceiling and crank the lighting up they still will not get tall any ideas as to why this might be happening

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That’s a lot of light in the 2x2. 1 Qb 135 is plenty. If you want some stretch, turn down the current on the drivers.


Yup, too much light and they won’t want to grow vertically.


ok i got you thats what i have done

Thank you BobbyD for answering & thank Ian for asking.I’ve had the same problem. Now time to get some taller plants.

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yea for sure @Shawncan75 they would always end up staying shorting and becoming a tight massive bush having to do massive training.