Quantum board owners and experienced growers post your GPWs here

So I was thinking of starting a thread for grams per watt (and if you want to be more accurate include grams per kilowatt hours for your whole grow op) on quantum boards or whichever led products that use the samsung diodes since quantum is just a brand and a lot of people are coming up their own board. I guess list down the strain, boards used plus drivers, grow space size/tent size, growing medium plus size, and training methods. Feel free to add additional stats that might be needed. This couldd be a sticky for these samsung diode boards. My intention for this thread is to push led technology forward as we seek how to maximize these diodes. Thank you!


I like it, but you may have better luck checking somewhere where there are a lot of users of them, and are cash cropping. I’ve seen two people here take them to harvest, @MAXHeadRoom and hopefully he can remember who it is using them in the stealth cab.

A really good spot to see what they do would probably be hlg’s instagram page. Otherwise, @MattyBear and @Onlythebest79 @Rugar89 should have some results in due time. But they’re looking awfully good!

If you’re curious about the led tech, @Bogleg @BIGE and @Myfriendis410 all have fixtures they’ve built or are building. I’m sure everyone I mentioned here will be happy to share their experiences.


What’s HLG’s name on instagram?

Horticulture Lighting Group, all one word though.

@NTMAREMACH has harvested with these lights too.

Out of 2 harvest I got 0.75 GPW on the first grow and 0.71GPW on the second grow. My goal is 1.0 GPW. On both harvest there where factors that brought down the GPW. To many to list.


First harvest


The trichomes on the second grow went crazy because of the dry weather

Quality of both grow was A1. very potent!

3rd grow is started with 2 - Banana Kush, 2 - AK-47, and 2 - Bubble Gum.

I have 2 lights that produce around 500 watts of true power each, 1000 watts total. They each will flower a 3 x 3 area, 3 x6 total


@MAXHeadRoom So that’s 1000 true watts of the wall which drivers boards did you use, and how many did you use?

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These where QB304 boards. One driver for 2 boards HLG 240H-C1050B.

I used only one light for the first grow and I built another light for the second grow. So I use all of them. LOL
Most experienced growers are getting 1 to 1.5 GPW with these lights.



@MAXHeadRoom yeah those are stated the yields from gc forums. Did you scrog your grow? Maybe that’s why the yields were different?

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Yes but only half of the grow was SCROGed. The plants under the SCROG produced the most yields both grows, so I will be SCROGing both aeroponics systems this time. The 2 other plants will go into a coco grow. First time for that style of grow for me.

yeah switched up my plans from dwc to coco myself since I live in a hot area and coco looks like less of a hassle with 10 gallon pots. you can do maintenance every few days.

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