Quantum Board Longevity Question


I have a HLG320XW in my tent and am growing auto’s now, and the future. I’ve seen suggestions on this site for various lighting schedules from 24/7 to 6hr-2hr, depending on age. Some, like me on my first grow, ran the light 18/6 the entire grow. My question: Does the board/driver have a preference to make it last longer?


@SteveC Keeping temperatures cooler is always helpful for longevity for just about anything.


use the factory setting on the driver, usually its a little lower then the board’s max,

like Covert said, keeping the board and driver cool always helps.!

from what i m seeing we can expect 5-10 yrs of use out of the QB’s…???


I expect the technology to progress and plan to replace them because of better products long before i wear my qb out


If you get 50,000 hours out of them that’d be over 5 years if you ran them 24/7.


Thanks all!


The standard with phosphor coated led packages seems to be about 20% loss in efficacy at 50,000 hours. A lot of that will depend on current/temp relationship as pointed out. I’m also of the opinion I would be upgrading long before any of that really needed to be considered.