Quantum Board (HLG 550 hybrid) wont power on


They are the same as QB boards or just slightly higher, they are pretty nice, 2.3 umol/j


I dont see why the dimmer wires switched would cause it to not power on. All that should do is reverse polarity of the dimmer. Glad you got it working though.


It shows 54 volts on their site. Not a lot of info without doing a bunch of digging.


Maybe if he wasn’t using the correct pin. Otherwise it would read same resistance either way.

Glad it’s running!


Ah, that’s right.


@Aolelon Thanks, man. Here’s some pics


@dbrn32 Thanks. Really excited. I just bought a lux meter so I can check for hot spots. Love the fact that I can have control over light distribution.


@MAXHeadRoom had some lux data on the boards.