Quantum Board (HLG 550 hybrid) wont power on

Hey guys! I bought 4 Aetrum 288.2s and have them wired up in series with an Meanwell HLG 480H-C2100B but it’s not powering on. I tried a waterproof connector first and then I switched to wagos - no connection both times.

I’m wondering if my power cord is somehow not powerful enough or I’m using a faulty cord?

Here is what power cord I bought: https://support.ilovegrowingmarijuana.com/t/power-cord-has-2-black-cables-no-white/23377

Have you tried using a test light to see if there is power in the cord. I have a wand one that beeps and flashes to signal live current.

No I haven’t. I can do that but I don’t have an extra led laying around with a wire that I can cut up unfortunately.

Is the cord powerful enough from what you understand?

The cord looks fine and similar to what they send in the kits. Is it wired in reverse? How many boards are you wiring?

Let me tag @dbrn32. He knows his stuff. For some reason I think they need to be wired in parallel for them to work correctly. Again, I’m not the wiring light genius so please don’t hold it against me if I’m wrong. I know your probably about to smash the whole thing but don’t. Someone will get you straight.

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@Familyman I have the positive side hooked up to positive on the first board. then that board has a negative to positive, negative to positive, until full loop. Then i have the negative wire going to the negative side on the last board. I followed an install guide even on youtube. I’m pretty confused and yeah, close to burning this entire thing. So frustrated.

Thanks guys

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I originally had the power cord connected using a waterproof connector, but switched to the wagos just to see if they made a difference. Did nothing.

My light is a 3 board. I assembled it at home. Maybe this video could help. Outdoor guerilla grow in the Alaskan Bush: the 3 Stooges

Lol. Don’t do that. I’ll tag @Aolelon he’s good too.

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I just watched the video and I can assure you that I followed those steps to a T. The boards are wired correctly. My only issue could possibly be the power cable or improper connectors? Maybe bad copper wire?

My HLG driver doesn’t purr make noise or anything when plugged in.

Thanks, man. I’m posting on three different forums right now trying to figure this out.

Did you tin the ends of the braided wires on the cord. Also make sure the screws are all the way in pushing in the wires

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I cut them so perhaps I need to retin them. Could that really be the issue? I’ve heard people say that soldering isn’t even necessary.

It’s not usually an issue but at this point it’s worth a look. I guess you could plug the cord into the wall and test the live end with a test light to see if it’s hot. If it’s live then something might be bad in the driver.

I figured it out! Someone on rollitup.org suggested that I switch the dimmer wires around. Turns on like a charm now. I can’t believe that was the problem!

I figured it was something little. Sorry I couldn’t help more. At least maybe I kept you from trashing it. Those lights are amazing. I have 4 qb 135 v2 on my grow.

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The V2s are similar to the 288.2s right? Just a different brand.

Did you buy that as a kit? Just wondering what forward voltage on boards is, and to make sure it’s compatible with driver.