Quantum Board Grow Room


I just said “damn.” :+1:


It’s looking really frosty from here man. I bet it’s smelling like heaven. Seriously nice job!


3 week from flip haircut is done on the Scrog tent…




nioce looking buds forming up nicely :+1:t2:!


How did you decide when to flip to 12/12? Did you just guesstimate 70% coverage and flip? I’m trying to think about when I’ll flip mine so any insight into the thought process is appreciated.


How big is that space if you dont mind me asking


3x3, he has two he flowers in.


I flipped when I was around 70% full. It didn’t stretch as much as I was anticipating, but most of the screen is full. :v:


Yup, @dbrn32 knows haha. I have 3 tents, but flower in 2 separate 3x3 areas :v:


Took down 4 small clones today. Here’s a few pics and what the tent looks like now :fist::v:


plenty of nuggies, nuggies for me. nuggies for you nuggies for me :rofl::yum::+1:t2::love_you_gesture:t2:


Dude, what is the plant at the bottom right? Those buds like like buds on buds?! Can you share a photo that’s closer up on one of those?

Everything looks amazing man.


Those are Sour Diesel. They did foxtail on me, but they are thick and dense foxtails for the most part. I’ll post up a pic in a little bit :v:


foxtail. theres always a new term and some amazing cannabis brings. Can i assist in influencing a plant to foxtail?


Noooo! we dont want foxtailling.


it seems good to have nugs on nugs… what am i missing



some foxtailing is worse than others. @MattyBear doesnt seem to be detrimental to the overall grow


Yeah just did a little reading, some is genetic which is fine, but some is due to stress which isn’t so good. Either way, this grow looks gorgeous!


yes correct! the main problem is when your trying to finish off a cola and the foxtailing keeps preventing closing the deal.