Quantum Board Grow Room


@MattyBear. Great thread and grow :grinning:

I have the 260 Quantum board and using the NOTG also…
At first I had the light turned to what I thought was 50% but was really 75% and ended up stunted my first two WWA.

It was @dbrn32 who figured it out :slight_smile:
I have been on a feed feed tea schedule with my first Herculean flush coming up this weekend…

So far with this schedule and the light at 50% I’m seeing about a 1" growth per day with my " new" girls :sunglasses:


It’s seems like it always works out this way, can’t have a little issue here and there, you need to have them all dumped on you at once. At least they’re minor and looks like you have everything in check


Hey bro! Thanks for checking in!! Yesterday was a rough one lol. I’m at about 75% from the driver currently and big girl is growing 1/2-1” a day during the stretch, so I just keep raising my light to 16” above her. The auto in the tent is starting to gain some height and she’s over 3’ from the lights. I’ll be raising her up soon or the ATF will try and take over the entire space lol.


I know lol. At least they were fairly minor things and easy to deal with. @BIGE I bet that will branch will be my best cola lol


Hey @MattyBear I was just wondering. Are you trying to prevent stretching or do you want them to stretch.


I want them to stretch a few more inches. Then I’ll let them get to 12” and keep it there and adjust driver output if needed. I’m not at 100% driver so I can turn up if need be


crank it up!! lol


First task today will be securing the fan to the tent so at least it won’t fall and break my sh*t anymore lol


Zipties !! Lol


To bad they don’t make zip ties out of aluminum. I find they are just a temporary solution since they eventually break.


They do, hose clamps lol.


I don’t think I have ever seen aluminum hose clamps. Steel ones are nice but they rust if you use them in a wet area. But it is nice you can take them off and reuse them.


They’re available, just not as what you’re thinking. They are aluminum sleeves split with a traditional stainless hose clamp integrated into them.


I just used a leftover ratchet strap lol. Where the slight break was, she is already reaching back up for the light. No more gnats flying around either. Gonna feed again and keep putting DE on the top just to make sure lol.


So it’s been a little while! I saw 2 adult fungus gnats about 5 days ago or so in my tent! Killed them both and immediately checked the coco. Lots of larva! Gross lol. I put DE on them right away. Only draw back was watering wet DE turns it to a paste and renders it unusable. I have noticed no more adults but the larva was still there, so I cut some potatoes and stuck them on the soil last night. Had larva in them but not a lot. I just watered with 3% hydrogen peroxide at a 1:4 ratio per recommendation from the site and added some Epsom salts. That worked awesome! No more wriggling little larva. Just all dead. Hopefully this will clear up the issue and she can get back to normal feedings now. This is how I had the potatoes and sticky trap set up. Don’t know if it’s right, but seems to be working


@MattyBear i feel you…i have had aphids since i went into the shed…
when this round is done i’m going to bomb that rascal!!


@MattyBear their life cycle is about 2 weeks so that is how long you need to treat and look for them.


I will for sure be keeping up the treatment til they are all dead! That hydrogen peroxide and water killed all I can see!


So I’m seeing trichomes develop on mainly the lower shoots. Is this early for 13 days of flower! @MAXHeadRoom @dbrn32 what do you guys think?


Also, I started LST on cheese auto and moved her closer to the lights